90th DOCA Scholastic Tournament - November 12, 2017
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This is a United States Chess Federation (USCF) rated tournament. Therefore, you must be a USCF member. If not currently a member, please include USCF membership fee. USCF Membership Fee:

Youth (age 15 & under) $25

Scholastic (age 12 & under) $20

Tournament Details: Sunday November 12th 2017


Section 1 (Grades K-1), Section 2 (Grades 2&3) & Section 3 (Grades 4-12) Players must be rated under 900

10:00am then ASAP; Time control G/25;d5 4 Rounds

Half point byes available for 2 rounds

Section 4 (Masters Grade K-12 rated over 900)

10:00am then ASAP; Time control G/40;d5 3 Rounds

Half-point byes available for 1 round

For purposes of the yearly Grand Prix, 1.5 points will be added to the masters section total, so a total of 4.5 points is possible. 

Prizes: Trophies to top 5 in each section.  Sections 1,2,3 also trophies to top 2 unrated (players in first event).  Trophies to top 3 school teams in all sections.

More Information:

Phone: (908 )595-0066

Email: dean@deanofchess.com

ALL PLAYERS MUST BE REGISTERED WITH THE USCF TO PLAY - You can register for annual USCF membership at www.uschess.org or at our online memberships page here http://shop.deanofchess.com/USCF-Membership-USCF-Membership.htm
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90th DOCA Scholastic Tournament - November 12, 2017

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